Past Recordings

Past Meeting Recordings

April Chapter Meeting: Great Green Expectations - Closing the gap between tenants and landlords as the demand for sustainable buildings heats up

04.18.24 // The Chapter came together for a dynamic discussion on how tenant climate goals are translating into real-world leasing requirements and how landlords are responding to meet those goals. We learned what sustainability criteria tenants are seeking to satisfy when they look for new space, what key lease terms they are using, what landlords are doing to meet these requirements, and an analysis of how tenants' future climate goals may influence landlords office product and their own climate goals. This event was presented in partnership with the CoreNet Northern California Chapter and the Urban Land Institute, San Francisco.

Key takeaways from this discussion can be viewed here, and the slide deck can be viewed here.


March Chapter Meeting: Mentorship Matters - Deepening our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

3.21.24 // Mentorship plays a pivotal role in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture for our industry. At all stages in one’s career, having a strong relationship with a mentor dismantles obstacles and provides pathways for marginalized communities to progress. Building and maintaining connections with the next generation paves the way for a more inclusive culture and diverse pipeline. Watch as a diverse panel of CRE professionals shares the profound impact of mentoring on their careers, and emphasizing the importance of “paying it forward” to nurture equity, diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging for the future.


The Power of Voice

03.06.24 // The WOC and EDIB committees in welcomed Danielle Slaton - Co-Founder of Bay FC (Football Club), Broadcaster, and US Women’s National Team Legend as we celebrate Women's History Month! Danielle shared her inspiring story and insights on discovering one's voice in a landscape where male influence predominates and women strive to gain it. View the event recording to take away practical strategies aimed at empowering them to find their voices for lasting impact and transformation within their own lives and communities. Power of Voice - hasn’t always been easy.


February Chapter Meeting: Unpacking CRE’s Role in ESG Performance

02.15.24 // In this panel session, we set the context behind the rise of ESG as a corporate business imperative. We explored how org structures can be designed to support cross-functional alignment and drive success in operationalizing ESG, specifically within the corporate real estate function. Attendees left with examples of strategic and tactical activations initiated by the corporate real estate function as a blueprint for their own organization’s ESG efforts. Together, these leaders will demystified the relationship between ESG and corporate real estate.


July Chapter Meeting: Reimagining Downtown San Francisco

07.20.23 // Members of CoreNet’s Northern California Chapter gathered for a thought-provoking program on the post-pandemic future of Downtown San Francisco, on the Historic Klamath – the Bay Area Council’s new ferry boat headquarters and event space permanently moored at Pier 9 on the Embarcadero. The program focused on the potential redevelopment of downtown commercial offices and other spaces for residential and other more non-traditional uses. The panel was comprised of representatives from the public sector, the design industry, and of course, property owners/developers.


June Chapter Meeting: THE CULTURE SHIFT - Corporate Responsibility As Cultural Currency

6.15.23 // The NorCal Chapter gathered in Oakland for a riveting conversation with cultural anthropologists and culture gurus to hear what they had to say about the current state of affairs on workplace culture and beyond! Carolyn Clark Beedle, Director Audience Development - One Workplace, moderated a panel with Melissa Fisher, Visiting Scholar - NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge, Tamar Draper Mahru, Vice President, Global Real Estate and Workplace at Twilio, and Winnie Cheung, Vice President People and Operations - United Way.


September Chapter Meeting: Reimagining and Repurposing Real Estate Assets

9.15.22 // The CoreNet Global Northern California Chapter met for our September Chapter Meeting at Gensler’s San Francisco Office to discuss real estate as a catalyst for community development. Watch below to learn more about how our CRE leaders can engage and become difference makers in our communities.


August Chapter Meeting: Redefining Possible

8.18.22 // As the world of work continues to evolve and to test our resolve, our August Chapter Meeting was intended to help members recharge for the challenges and opportunities ahead with an inspiring virtual presentation and discussion with author and leadership coach, Ron Alford. Ron’s presentation challenges our inner dialogue and mindset so that we can break belief barriers and discover ways to create a new normal. 


May Chapter Meeting: 5M - A Great Urban Design Solution for Living, Working & Playing

5.19.22 // Enjoy a conversation with the Brookfield development team about the 5M Project as they share their journey through the entitlement process and describe the many features of the project that proves it is designed and engineered to meet the tenant's needs of the future. Topics included mixed-use, community amenities, access, and the design solutions that are facilitating the future of works.


Promoting and Supporting Equitable Employee Experiences in the Hybrid, Remote/Virtual-First Workplace

04.21.22 // A timely discussion of the importance of employee equity in the context of the evolving workplace, including hybrid, remote and virtual-first solutions. Hear from an expert panel with deep experience in the technology, design, and behavioral elements of this new frontier. This panel discussion was brought to you by the CoreNet Northern California TECH SIG.


A Look Inside Uber’s New Mission Bay Home

03.17.22 // View our first-ever CoreNet NorCal Hybrid program at Uber’s new San Francisco Headquarters, a session about the campus strategy, construction journey, and focus on healthy building for their employees. This program will share the story of Uber’s new HQ in San Francisco from inception to operations during an unprecedented time.


The New Geography of Work

02.17.22 // Enjoy a discussion on the implications for San Francisco and the Bay Area of emerging new trends in the post-pandemic working environment.  


  • Robert Teed, Founder, The Integri Group


  • Kate Lister, President, Global Workplace Analytics
  • Greg Fogg, Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Chandler Bonney, Director of Real Estate, Dropbox
  • Irene Thomas-Johnson, Executive Director, JLL


Women of CoreNet: Negotiation and Influence with Holly Schroth

02.09.22 // On the job and in our personal lives, we all need a broad array of negotiation skills in order to get our solutions accepted and implemented. Using a simulated negotiation exercise including small breakout sessions, you will be introduced to a “toolbox” of negotiation skills and learn how to negotiate more effectively in both collaborative and competitive situations. 

Holly Schroth,
Haas School of Business, Senior Lecturer and Distinguished Teaching Fellow


2022 Annual Market Forecast

01.20.2022 // The CoreNet Global Northern California Chapter held its Annual Economic Forecast on January 20, 2022. Spencer Levy, Chairman of Americas Research and a Senior Economic Advisor at CBRE, joined NorCal members and guests to provide an update on the world and the economy, as well as to address what has changed since he was last with us.


Women of CoreNet - How Professional Women Navigate Life Changes in a Modern World

10.28.2021 // With the help of renowned experts in women's health and equity fluent leadership, our speakers discussed the impact on women managing a career and family in today’s complex world.

Many demands, responsibilities and personal pressures, including high achievement are experienced by all of us. Until we get a diagnosis or reach a breaking point, our mental and physical health, stress levels, and anxiety are often ignored. Dr. Funk and Dr. McElhaney spoke on how to engage in preventative steps to create a lifestyle of awareness and proactive self-care.

Regardless of Gender or Age, Health Does Not Discriminate.

Dr. Kristi Funk, Founder, Surgeon & Author, The Pink Lotus
Dr. Kellie McElhaney, Founder, Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Carolyn Clark-Beedle, Director of Audience Development, One Workplace


Tech SIG: Return to Office - Space Utilization Technology Selection Strategy

10.21.2021 // Space utilization has a new meaning in a post-COVID world and new technologies are launching daily. CoreNet Global Northern California’s Tech SIG hosted a virtual educational session and discussed sensors, platforms, and a holistic approach to space utilization strategy. 

Speakers included:

  • Emmanuel Daniel, Microsoft
  • Francisco Ruiz, Oracle
  • Jeremy Kopstein, Uber
  • Joe Aamidor, Aamidor Consulting

Moderated by:

  • Simon Davis, Impec Group


The 75% Solution: Planning to House a Majority of the Bay Area’s Homeless and What Can We & Our Companies Do to Help

08.19.2021 // Our August Chapter Meeting featured an interactive presentation from Regional Impact Council, a coalition of Bay Area mayors, business leaders, housing experts and social justice advocates, has hatched an ambitious plan to house 75% of the region’s homeless population by 2024.

Ken Kirkey and Gail Gilman of AllHome, examined recent trends among the unhoused, the drivers of homelessness, the RIC’s plan to quickly drive down the number of homeless persons and the important role to be played by private industry.


Zero is the New Black

07.15.2021 // Our July Chapter Meeting featured an interactive discussion, where participants walked through the process of becoming carbon neutral while exploring the challenges, costs, and opportunities. You’ll hear from leaders in the corporate real estate industry who are leading the way with reducing carbon. Panelists included:

  • Jacob Arlein, Chief Executive Officer, Stok
  • Mary Curtiss, Global Head of Sustainability, HP
  • Stephanie Harris, Director, 3Degrees
  • Dalton Ho, Senior Sustainable Building Advisor, Perkins & Will


Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace: Why It Is Important in CRE

06.17.2021 // Our June Chapter Meeting featured a thoughtful conversation with senior D&I leaders from globally recognized companies where they talked about the impact and value of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace.

  • Rosanna Durruthy,  Chief Diversity Office, LinkedIn
  • Susan Otto, Cheif People Office, BlackLine
  • Ingrid Jacobs, Global Head of Diversity, JLL
  • Devin Cobb, Diversity & Inclusion Partner, Oracle


Inclusive Transportation Networks for a Diverse Workforce

05.20.2021 // Watch our May Chapter Meeting and hear the discussion with thought leaders from Uber, Genentech, Perkins & Will, BART, and SF Transit Riders. These leaders discussed thought-provoking ideas around reducing our dependence on cars, equitable access for all, multi-modal uses, new transportation patterns, and how the new administration is funding transportation.

  • Geeti Silwal, Urban Design Practice Lead, Perkins&Will
  • Sophie Martin, Real Estate Strategy & Urban Planning Manager, Genentech
  • Louise Karu, Head of Enterprise, Uber for Business
  • Tim Chan, Group Manager, Station Area Planning, BART Planning and Development


Where Is My Office (And Do I Still Need One?)

04.15.2021 // Chris Kane and Simon Davis joined CoreNet Global Northern California Chapter for a fireside chat on the evolution of the workplace. Our speakers, who share a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate real estate, discussed the office and its evolution over the last 12 months, and the new role it will play in the workplace.


The Future of Corporate Real Estate in a World Where Virtual Meets Physical

03.18.2021 // As technology plays a bigger role in everything in our lives, we look for ways to incorporate it into our work environment to add efficiency and productivity where possible. Augmented Reality (AR) has long been a hot topic but it can often feel out of reach. The good news is that nowadays AR can easily be deployed to expedite project delivery and avoid costly design misalignment by projecting the proposed design on top of the existing conditions, which allows us to communicate and collaborate better with management and users. Watch the discussion with end-users that have recently leveraged AR in their real-life projects to build consensus, speed up delivery and avoid future costly change orders.


Women of CoreNet: Five-Time Olympian Jackie Edwards on Managing Adversity, Transitioning & Owning Your Outcome

03.11.2021 // In honor of International Women's Week, Women of CoreNet presented 5-Time Olympian, Jackie Edwards. Jackie shares how she navigated her way against the best in the world; overcame self-doubt and injury; pushed herself beyond her own perceived limitations and transitioned from a career in elite sports to a successful career outside of sports.


Resiliency: How Companies Can Prepare Today and Build a Better Tomorrow

02.18.2021 // CoreNet Northern California was joined by Greg Lindsay, Director of Research at NewCities joined us for our February Chapter meeting/ Greg outlined how companies can adapt and react to a post-COVID world while tackling challenges of climate change and social equity. Greg challenged us to think about how we build a sustainable future by examining proximity, urban design, and the use of technology and the specific role corporate real estate practitioners can have in driving progress.


Annual Economic Forecast

01.21.2021 // CoreNet Northern California held its Annual Economic Forecast on January 21, 2021. Spencer Levy, Chairman of Americas Research and a Senior Economic Advisor at CBRE, joined over 200 NorCal members and guests to provide an update on the world and the economy, as well as to address what has changed since he was last with us in April 2020. The economic forecast begins at 7:20.


A Day in the Life: Technology for Navigating Employee Experience and the Workplace

10.15.2020 // CoreNet NorCal held an exciting chapter meeting on Thursday, October 15 entitled: A Day in the Life: Technology for Navigating Employee Experience and the Workplace. The program was moderated by Stuart Appley, Managing Director in CBRE's Global Workplace Solution Group. Stuart walked us through different points within the new day-to-day of an employee experience. 

• Michael Cockburn, Co-Founder, Desana
• Elisa Konik, Cushman & Wakefield
• Jeremy Kopstein, Sr. Manager, Global Business Systems Management, Uber
• Mike Huaco, VP, Workplace, Uber
• Peter Huebner, Client Partner - Technology, Comfy (Siemens)
• Srinivas Khandavilli, SMART Building Solution Architecture, Microsoft

CoreNet Tech SIG New Technology in the Face of COVID-19
A Day in the Life Presentation

CoreNet NorCal x NYC: Future Environments for Cities

08.20.2020 // CoreNet Northern California and New York City Chapters co-hosted a joint discussion focused on the dynamics between states/municipalities, talent, and corporations. This event focused on the attraction of talent and the incentives states/municipalities are offering and considering. We discussed the need to attract and provide jobs to underserved populations and communities. The panelists evaluated how economic competition, state, and local incentives and social change, are playing into corporate real estate and corporate location strategy.

We also examined the long-term effects of companies re-evaluating policies and real estate strategies and the debate between urban, suburban, and rural areas regarding the quality of life and attracting talent. This program featured an interactive dialogue among panelists drawn from the private and public sectors and will also provide opportunities for engagement and networking with members of CoreNet’s two largest and most active chapters.


  • Ann Bamesberger, Workplace Adviser Specializing in Communication
  • Jennie Sparandara, JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Mike Grella, Partnership Strategies


  • Jay Biggins, Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Company

Remote Work Programs: A Spectrum of Experts for Covid and Beyond

08.20.2020 // CoreNet NorCal held an exciting chapter meeting Thurs August 20th entitled: Remote Work Programs: A Spectrum of Experts for COVID and Beyond. The program featured Kate Lister, President, Global Workplace Analytics, a recognized authority on the future of work, as moderator and a panel or corporate real estate executives currently spearheading remote work for their companies including:

• Darren Murph, Head of Remote, GitLab Remote Resources:
• Lara Owen, Director of Global Workplace, GitHub
• Sameer Pangrekar, Director, Global Design, Construction & Strategic Projects, Twitter

Read the full recap here.

CoreNet Pop-Up: What's the Buzz Around Workplace HVAC?

06.11.2020 // CoreNet NorCal held an excellent Pop-Up: What’s the Buzz Around Workplace HVAC? On June 11th. Moderated by Annemarie Erbel, Founder, Erly Consulting, the program featured two global thought leaders on this hot topic, Jamie Qualk, Vice President, WSP and Koray Kaya, Principal, Alfa Tech. A detailed recap of the pop-up can be found here.


Digital Transformation’s Impact on Corporate Real Estate and the Workplace

06.18.2020 // CoreNet NorCal’s June 18th Chapter Meeting: Digital Transformation’s Impact on Corporate Real Estate and the Workplace" featured renowned thought leaders, Steve Weikal, Head of Industry Relations, MIT Center for Real Estate and Carly Tortorelli, Senior Vice President of Workplace Technology at Impec Group. Robert Teed, Vice President of Corporate Services at ServiceNow and Immediate Past Chapter President facilitated the program which included thought-provoking presentations and a lively fireside chat. The conversation centered around how COVID-19 has shined a bright light on the need for digital transformation. A detailed recap of the pop-up can be found here.


Anxiety and the Return to Work - Lessons from Virtual Reality and Psychological Science

05.21.2020 // CoreNet NorCal held its second virtual Chapter meeting on May 21st entitled Anxiety and the Return to Work - Lessons from Virtual Reality and Psychological Science. The fascinating program featured Page Anderson, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Associated Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Georgia State University. A detailed recap of the pop-up can be found here.


Welcome Back to the Office

05.07.2020 // CoreNet NorCal delivered on its commitment to innovative content delivery with a brand new event format, the “Pop-Up”. Designed to provide up to the minute thought leadership in the ever changing COVID-19 landscape, the first Pop-Up: Welcome Back to the Office was moderated by Program Committee Co-Chair Julia Campbell, Partner, Quezada Architecture. Gensler Principals, Natalie Engels and Randy Howder shared insights gained from their work with top corporate clients as well as from within their own firm. A detailed recap of the pop-up can be found here.


Life After COVID with Spencer Levy

04.16.2020 // On Thursday, April 16, the Northern California Chapter hosted it's first ever virtual chapter meeting. Members gathered virtually for a session with Spencer Levy, Chairman, Americas Research & Senior Economic Advisor at CBRE to take a look at the impact the COVID-19 crisis will have on the economy and across all sectors of real estate. The program covered the anticipated short- and long-term effects and what our recovery may look like. To view a recording of the program, click here or watch below. Featured presentation begins at 15:17.

Enjoy the CoreNet NorCal April Chapter Meeting 2020 Recap here.