CAP Committee

CAP Committee

About the Committee

The CAP Committee connects CoreNet NorCal member companies, higher education students, and CoreNet Global through meaningful internships focused on building knowledge, networks, and personal excellence in corporate real estate.

Committee Responsibilities 

The CAP Program Committee proudly serves as a first step in the lifecycle of a corporate real estate expert. In doing so, we painstakingly source qualified higher education students with a focus/interest in corporate real estate and help to place those students in internships with an ever-growing list of CoreNet NorCal member companies.

The CAP Value Proposition

For Students

  • Exposure to Corporate Real Estate and to CoreNet
  • Real life industry experience 
  • Networking
  • Mentorship
  • Potential employment

For Participating Companies

  • Fueling the future of Corporate Real Estate
  • Opportunity to engage a talented pool of young professionals
  • Early access to an emerging generation

For CoreNet

  • Membership pipeline and sustainability 
  • Data on emerging generations and the industry
  • Credibility 

For the CRE Industry

  • Sustainability 
  • Talent pipeline expertise
  • Diversity
  • Recruitment and retention of future CRE professionals

CAP Program Contact:

Committee Leadership


Clarissa Richardson

Vice President


Zander Fisher

Senior Project Manager
Keystone Construction & Project Management