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President's Message

President's Message

It is so hard to believe that our CoreNet year has come to an end.  The year has flown by so fast, and we have accomplished so much!  Most of all, I am inspired by the amazing people that stepped up so generously to help realize our collective vision.  Together, we planned and executed a tremendous number of programs and initiatives that added value for you, our members, and engaged you in ways that I believe made a difference.  For the hard work and dedication of our team, and for your willingness to participate, I am deeply grateful.

On top of the list of those to thank is my excellent partner throughout my Chapter president journey, Mike Bangs, our incoming Chapter president.  We worked very closely together during the course of the year, and in the process, developed a fantastic rapport and had a great deal of fun.  I can think of no one more committed to CoreNet or more ready to step into the job of president than Mike.  He brings fresh ideas, works tirelessly, and I should warn you: his enthusiasm for CoreNet is contagious!

Likewise, the Executive Board and Leadership Council have done a stellar job this year harnessing the vast resources available in our chapter to deliver extraordinary programs and content. We are so fortunate to live and work in one of the most important hubs of global innovation in technology and other critical industries.  Our membership reflects the high caliber of dynamic companies in our region, and our Chapter leadership took full advantage of this fact.  They tapped into the bounty of brainpower and subject matter expertise that resides right here in our backyard to deliver exceptional programs.  I feel so fortunate to be here and to work side-by-side with so many talented people.

The leadership team managed a vast array of accomplishments this year.  From the Membership Committee, which successfully supported the growth and retention of members while enhancing the onboarding experience with new member orientation sessions throughout the year, to the Sponsorship Committee, which drove excellence in our sponsorship program and provided personalized support to our valued sponsors.   Our Communications Committee also had a stellar year with many accomplishments to their credit including consistent press coverage in The Registry and the Silicon Valley Business Times. They also produced an excellent article for The Leader magazine, a first for our Chapter.

I was exceedingly impressed by the strategic vision the board and leadership team set for the Chapter and by the industry trends they identified that set the direction for many of our initiatives, from the Advisory Council of preeminent CRE professionals providing feedback on industry trends and chapter initiatives to our new partnership with Stanford University and Northeastern University. The latter program involves Northeastern’s School of Architecture and Stanford’s Architectural Design Program in a joint research project called “Workplace and the City.”  You will definitely hear more about this exciting project in near future.  Education at all levels has been paramount for our Chapter throughout the last year and will continue to be going forward.  We partnered with CoreNet Global to host some of the most well-attended MCR and SLCR classes in the world, and many of our chapter members served as instructors.

On the Chapter level, our Programs, Women of CoreNet, Young Leaders and Tech SIG Committees delivered educational experiences that ran the gamut in terms of type, size, format and subject.  Even considering the prolific subgroups of professionals within our chapter, there was literally something for everyone. We provided a wide range of relevant topics from Leveraging Your Online Presence to Signature Leadership and Data Visualization Tools.  We also featured Wearables in the Workplace, Well Building Certification and an Infrastructure Series which included the State of the Internet, Water Resources and Transportation.

Of course a conversation about education would be incomplete without mentioning our CoreNet Apprenticeship Program. During this, our eleventh year, our CAP students participated in the Global Academic Challenge.  I am so proud to see so many of these bright young stars graduating, going to work in corporate real estate, joining CoreNet, and starting their journeys to becoming corporate real estate leaders. The CAP program is truly a feather in our Chapter’s cap!

The CoreNet Global Summit was the largest and best rated Summit in recent history.  In addition to offering an extraordinary amount of top-notch educational content, the social and networking opportunities were off the hook! Our chapter had record-breaking attendance and hosted a fabulous party in partnership with the Southern California Chapter. With phenomenal music from former American Idols and a packed dance floor, we rocked the house.

We also celebrated in grand style here at home with several magnificent special events.  Of course, our 18th Annual Corporate Real Estate Executive of the Year Awards Dinner, our renowned soiree, topped the list.  We honored two of our most beloved members, John Bruno and Richard Pollack, with an exquisite evening of fine dining, entertainment and socializing.  Our VIP Sponsor event and 13th Annual Golf Tournament also lived up to their well-established reputations and were both highlights of the year.

In closing, I want to express how grateful I am for the honor of being your Chapter president.  It has truly been a joy to serve you, our members.  I am honored to have had the privilege to work with such an outstanding Chapter board and leadership team and proud to have achieved so much.  I look forward to supporting Mike in my new role as your immediate past president and to helping take our chapter to the next level and beyond.

Thank you so much!

Sandy Heistand

  Featured Platinum Sponsor

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March Chapter Meeting Recap - Designing With Your Ears


At the March Chapter meeting, Chapter leaders took the opportunity to formally transition the Chapter leadership. Sandy Heistand, director of real estate and facilities at Prosper and 2015-16 Chapter president thanked the extensive roster of officers, board members, committee chairs, volunteers and sponsors that made the year a huge success before handing the gavel over to incoming President, Mike Bangs, vice president of real estate and facilities at Oracle.

The Chapter’s March 17th program at the PG&E Auditorium in San Francisco featured globally renowned sound and communication expert, Julian Treasure. A top-rated keynote speaker, Treasure is a self-described “sound evangelist” and is founder and chairman of The Sound Agency, a UK-based consultancy that asks and answers the question, “How does your brand sound?”  Treasure has five Ted talks with more than 30 million views and a book titled Good Sound is Good Business to his credit.  On a global scale, he helps clients create generative soundscapes in branded spaces such as airports, retail establishments and office environments.  Treasure lived up to his reputation and delivered an upbeat and thought-provoking program entitled, “Designing with Your Ears.”

Treasure began his remarks by sharing that sound has a profound effect on our happiness, effectiveness and well-being, and most of us are completely unaware of its impacts. He indicated that at just 12 weeks after being conceived, we “heard” our Mother’s heartbeat even though our ears were yet to be formed.  “We heard it with our whole bodies,” he said.  “We are still hearing with our entire bodies. It's just that we are used to thinking that it's only our ears that work.”  He pointed out that the ears are an amazing example of engineering and that unlike the eyes, which have lids, they are always working -- even when we are sleeping. Despite the fact that our ears play such an important role, most environments are designed for the eyes without any consideration of the ears, Treasure said.

According to Treasure, sound affects profoundly and in four ways:

  • Physiologically
  • Psychologically
  • Cognitively
  • Behaviorally

Treasure advocates alternatives to open-plan office environments because of the negative impact they have on workers’ cognitive function, especially for knowledge work where thinking is critical. He said he believes open plan spaces can create up to a 68% decrease in productivity. He cited retail environments as examples of how sound affects us behaviorally. He reported that inappropriate sales soundscapes can cause retail sales to decline as much as 28%. Retail is the first industry to take sound seriously, according to Treasure. The goal of Treasure’s CoreNet talk was to make a link between sound and productivity (and profit) in offices.

Treasure indicated that in an open office environment, it has become increasingly more common to see workers using headphones to drown out noise creating what in essence are a large number of silos in space that is meant to foster collaboration. “Naturally, this phenomenon undermines the what the workplace was designed for in the first place,” he said.

The number one complaint in offices, according to Treasure is noise. The modern office, he asserted, can be traced back to Fredrick Taylor who invented industrialized work. Showed a photo from 1906 of a large open space packed with workers. It had eerie similarity to the next image he showed, which was a large open office environment typical of today’s occupiers.

Treasure summarized the findings from 23 research papers that all conclude that the open office is detrimental to productivity and well-being.  

Key points included:

  • The most disturbing noises included.
  • Other people’s conversations
  • Ringing phones
  • Irregular noise

The effects of these noises on well-being include:

  • Annoyance
  • Distraction
  • Stress
  • Increased illness
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Satisfaction and effectiveness decline
  • Costs rise

In terms of designing for improved acoustics, Treasure outlined what he calls the four building blocks of great sound: Acoustics, noise sources, sound systems, content.

Planning for Acoustics - Bad acoustics create the Lombard effect which means that people talk louder. Treasure recommended fundamentally moving from hard to soft surfaces.

Key tips:

  • Consider acoustics from the start
  • Set appropriate goals for each space
  • Avoid parallel hard surfaces
  • Use acoustic treatments for ceilings, floors and walls
  • Absorb and block for flexibility

Dealing with Noise - Treasure stated that with regard to noise we either have to move it, block it or accept it. He showed an office layout depicting zones separating teams doing quiet work from teams doing noisy work. Key tips:

  • Keep noise at under 40 dBA (which is line with LEED)
  • Isolate noise to back of house wherever possible
  • Think about the details: for example, install gliders and closers
  • Create a listening culture – have a commitment, train employees, hold them accountable

Install Sound Systems – Treasure shared that there are many options today and they are being deployed in many types of environments. Key points:

  • Define appropriate quality
  • Create many zones
  • Use masking and/or blurring sounds
  • Tune carefully after installation
  • Create simple, flexible UIs

Content – Treasure recommended asking what is appropriate for the brand? He explained that each type of work, collaboration, concentration, contemplation and communication, has a spectrum of appropriate density of sound. Key tips:

  • Design foreground and background
  • Be careful with music
  • Incorporate biophilia (nature sounds)
  • Think in complete soundscapes
  • Layer the sound for overall brand, teams and individuals

Recap by Erin Carew of Instigate

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Save the Date!

Women of CoreNet Kicks Off “A Year of Inspiration” With An Inspiring Program About Acting Locally Followed By An Opportunity To Do Just That

The Women of CoreNet program series for 2016-2017, “A Year of Inspiration” kicks off with a program challenging people to act locally, followed by a day of service volunteer activity on the weekend. Our June 8 program meeting will feature a presentation by Kalimah Salahuddin who will discuss the volunteer experience at Habitat for Humanity, and will be followed by a June 11 day of service with Habitat for Humanity.

Kalimah Salahuddin has been a volunteer with Habitat Greater San Francisco since 2005 and was recently appointed to the board. She was appointed to Jefferson Union High School District Board of Trustees and was re-elected in 2012. She has led or served on the steering committee of a variety of local ballot measures including “Yes on Measure Y” and the Measure L campaigns for the school district. She is founder and President of Saving Pacifica Schools, a grassroots organization. Kalimah served as the keynote speaker at Habitat’s 2014 Framing the Future breakfast. Kalimah is an administrative coordinator for Gilead Sciences.

Program Date: Wednesday June 8, 2016

Location:    TBD (San Francisco or San Mateo County location)

Time:          3:30 registration

                   4:00 program start

5:30 Networking, food and drinks

Register Here
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Women of CoreNet - Day of Service

The Habitat for Humanity Park beautification project is one of many community partnerships developed to repair and revitalize critical community assets like parks, schools, clinics and homes. Women of CoreNet reserved all 30 slots for the June 11 park beautification day of service to prune trees and shrubbery, remove brush and debris and generally improve and beautify India Basin Shoreline Park, to make it safer and more accessible for everyone.  Work will take place rain or shine! Volunteers must be 14 or older, and parents of volunteers aged 14-17 must fill out a minor waiver form.

Reservations for Day of Service are limited, so please sign up soon! But even if you cannot participate in the service activity, we hope to inspire you to support your community in other ways at the June program meeting.

Service Activity Date:  Saturday June 11, 2016

Location:  Habitat for Humanity Park Beautification Event

India Basin Shoreline Park,  (Hunters Point Blvd. & Hawes St., San Francisco)

Time:  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Lunch will be provided

Register Here

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CoreNet Apprentice Program (CAP) Update

The CoreNet Apprentice Program (CAP) committee is pleased to announce that we have accepted seven students into our the 2016 summer internship program.  Going into our 11th season, CAP is a unique partnership between the Northern California Chapter and the University of California Berkeley’s prestigious Haas School of Business.  The program provides undergraduates with real-world experiences and horizon-broadening knowledge about careers in the field through paid summer internships with leading corporations.  Likewise, host companies benefit by getting the rare chance to access top-notch talent, to reinforce their brand as industry leaders, and to promote corporate real estate as a profession.  

This year’s slate of students come from diverse academic backgrounds, ranging from urban studies to business administration, and possess a broad spectrum of useful skills. Congratulations to our students!  Since its inception, more than 200 students have participated in the CAP program and many have gone on to pursue careers in corporate real estate.  

We are thrilled to be able to offer you, our members, with the benefit of hiring these talented and enthusiastic young people.  Interested in helping shape the future talent pool of Corporate Real Estate industry?  Have a special project?  You are invited to capitalize on the unique opportunity of sponsoring a CAP program apprentice.

Thank you to those companies that have already committed to host.  Please look for our 2016 CAP students at an upcoming CoreNet NorCal Chapter meeting. And feel free to contact CAP co-chairs Brian Thomas (brian.thomas2@mckesson.com) or Robert Teed robert.teed@docusign.com) with your questions and your commitment to participate.

Request for New CoreNet NorCal Committee Members

Get more involved in CoreNet NorCal! One of the best ways to increase your involvement and really get to know other members of CoreNet NorCal is by joining a committee. The CoreNet committees create and organize the events, meetings, programs and publications that you enjoy. Committees you can join are: Young Leaders, Special Events, Programs, Membership, CAP, Communications and Technology. All of our committees are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact our Administrative Director, Michelle Lagos, at michelle.lagos@cbre.com or (415) 720-0366, and she will connect you with a committee.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 21, 2016 from 3:30 - 7:00 pm

Location: Box, 900 Jefferson Avenue, Redwood, City 94063

Doing business internationally introduces ethics and compliance risks that CRE leaders need to be aware of and prepared for. Aprils chapter meeting will kick off the Spring Series - International Success - with a deep-dive into the types of risks present overseas and how to effectively mitigate those risks by applying corporate values. John Bruno will moderate a talk by Dominick Modugno, Chief Compliance Officer for the Global WorkPlace Solutions business at CBRE, and then by using real life scenarios, they will explore the dangers and the consequences of violations and how these can be avoided or minimized.

Learn more and register