2013 - Q2 Newsletter

  President's Message
Get Engaged, by Bill Roberts

As summer moves into full swing, our Northern California Chapter won’t be going on vacation, far from it. Our chapter continues to be an active and engaging place to learn about key topics in real estate and to network with industry leaders. In fact, our focus throughout this year is “Engagement” – with our members, our sponsors, and with the real estate community at large.

For our Members, we continue to offer a great line up of informative programs. Recent examples include the Build America Challenge (an initiative created by members of our Northern California Chapter), an overview of the state of outsourcing in the real estate industry, and personal effectiveness training with Cara Alter speaking on projecting credibility and confidence.

Future programs will be equally interesting – two to highlight will be the state of technology in the workplace (July) and an insider’s view of the new 49er stadium development (August). We continue to receive feedback from our members and our sponsors on the quality and value these programs bring. Our membership continues to grow and stands at a near-record 654 members. We are placing more emphasis this year on engaging new members as they join the chapter to make all the resources and opportunities for involvement better known.

The Young Leaders group is another important way we are engaging our members. This group has continued to generate a lot of enthusiasm and support by offering many opportunities for early- career real estate professionals to learn about important topics in the field and connect with industry leaders through ‘Lunch with a Leader’, young leader forums, and leading some of our monthly programs. Two of our special interest groups - Women of CoreNet and Technology – are other avenues for members to pursue interests in these specific topics. Both of these groups have recently received representative seats on our Chapter Leadership Council as a result of their growing success.

For our Sponsors, we restructured our support program to provide additional value to our sponsoring companies and to make the benefits clearer. We have been very fortunate this year to have a record level of support from 45 sponsoring companies, which speaks to the growing value sponsoring companies see from their involvement in CoreNet. You can read about 
one of our key sponsors in each issue of our newsletters. The recent Annual Golf Tournament was again a great success and provided many opportunities to build or renew relationships.

Engaging the real estate community at large, our organization continues to find new ways to support emerging talent considering a career in our industry. The CoreNet Apprentice Program has placed 13 interns in summer positions over the last few years. And this year the work coming out of one of those intern assignments for the San Francisco Center for Economic Development has been nominated for a CoreNet Global Innovators Award – fabulous recognition for the CAP program! And in February, our Chapter raised $10,000 for the ACE Mentor Program which provides financial support for high school students looking to go into the architecture, construction and engineering fields.

As you can see, our Northern California Chapter continues to be an active place for learning and networking, providing many opportunities for our members to grow personally as well as to contribute back to our industry. If you have ideas on how we can better engage or serve our members, please get in touch with me or any of our chapter leaders who can be reached through our website on the Leadership Page.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming chapter event!

Best regards,

~ Bill



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Golf Sponsors

Jones Lang LaSalle 

XL Construction

Herman Miller
Johnson Controls
Rudolph & Sletten
Alfa Tech
Anderson Av
BCCI Construction Company Corporate Care
Cushman & Wakefield
DPR Construction, 
GCI General Contractors
Hoem & Associates
NOVO Construction

One Workplace/Steelcase 
R.N. Field Construction, Inc. 
Reel Grobman
SC Builders

Skyline Construction

Photos: Tom McCune

Golf Committee

Fern Grodner, JDSU
Lou Galiano, PAE
Larry Bell, JLL
Ed Shea, Norden Consulting
Lora Anderson, Anderson AV
Peter Claassen, Hillhouse Construction
Radha Gallup, HPA
Ken Miles, HPA

Day of Volunteers

Ed Shea, Norden Consulting
Roxanne Bell, DFS Green
Lora Anderson, Anderson AV
Elizabeth Monti, Alfa Tech
Radha Gallup, HPA
Cristina Figone, Hogue
Jennyfer Aguilera, Knoll
Lunny Lundstrom, Interface
Meredith Wylie, Teknion
Therese Hazelroth, Form4
Teresa Middleton, Vanguard
Katy Baroni, MG West
Melenie Llorin, Regus Group
Jamie Moore, DPR Construction


XL Construction Builds to Improve Lives

Knowing that the work we do directly affects people, we commit ourselves to delivering quality in both the end product and the construction process. As a contractor of choice for leading companies in life sciences, advanced technology, healthcare, and education, our focus on team success has earned us a network of excellent partners and a 90% client referral rate.

Founded in 1992 and with offices in Milpitas and Sacramento, XL is ranked as the sixth largest contractor in the Silicon Valley and the number one Best Place to Work by the San Francisco Business Times/Silicon Valley Journal, is an active member of the United States Green Building Council and is routinely numbered among the Top 400 Contractors in the Nation by Engineering News Record.

XL tops the list of Best Places to Work in the Bay Area published by The San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal, on Wednesday, April 24. XL President Eric Raff, HR Director Jerry Harmon and others were on hand at the awards ceremony to accept the honor. With companies grouped by number of employees, XL's category of 101-500 was by far the largest, and with ranking based on employee surveys administered by a third party, no one knew the results until the event.

Click here to find out what makes XL Construction THE best place to work in the Bay Area in 2013


2013 Golf Tournament Recap

On June 17th, the CoreNet Global Northern California Chapter held its 11th Annual Golf Tournament at Sequoyah Country Club in Oakland. Thirty-six foursomes enjoyed beautiful weather and played in this not-to-be missed tournament.

The day would not have been such a resounding success without our incredible sponsors and volunteers. The sponsors created a fun atmosphere including “golf pong,” margaritas and ice cream. Players were always entertained and never thirsty or hungry. A remarkable group of more than 20 volunteers put an immense effort into the planning and execution of this event. Please take a look at the sidebar to see whose hard work made this great tournament possible.

A few notables from the day…

  • Lunny Lundstrom has been involved in this tournament for 10 years. During that time he has given up his love of pastel pants on the golf course. Must be a sign of maturity.

  • Lora Anderson should be given the CoreNet Saint Award for her gallant bravery in the face of incredible odds in tackling the always changing foursomes.

  • The Chapter also appreciates the Construction Testing Services staff on hole #8 for not going into labor. Calls for ice, beer and water we can handle. Child birth, not so much.

  • We are happy to report that there was only one person hit with a ball, and we are even happier to report it did not affect his game.

Check out the link to our Facebook page to see photos from the event.

A list of winners from the day is below.

  • 1st Place ~ George Fox (CBRE), Doug Bartl (Oracle), Lewis Darrow (MBH Architects) and Win Roney (Reel Grobman)

  • 2nd Place ~ Mike Vallerio (Hoem Associates), Sean Hogan (Hoem Associates), Doug Barber, and Dave Bollentini (Source)

  • 3rd Place ~ Pat Lemucchi (CH Reynolds), Ed Hall (RAPT Studio), Seth Blanc (DFS), Brian Wilson (One Workplace)

  • Closest to Pin on hole #2 ~ Jill Arias (DTZ)

  • Closest to Pin on hole #5 ~ Travis Lee (Novo)

  • Closest to Pin on hole #14 ~ Leina Zimmerman (SC Builders)

  • Closest to Pin on hole #17 ~ Caleb Silverman (NOVO Construction)

  • Long Drive (Men) ~ Gary Wells (DCI) (and honorable mention for most accurately dressed)

  • Long Drive (Women) ~ Wendy Wang (Dome)

  • Most Accurate Drive (Men) ~ Seth Blanc (DFS)

  • Most Accurate Drive (Women) ~ Leina Zimmerman (SC Builders)

  • Putting Contest (Men) ~ Peter Weingarten (Gensler)

  • Putting Contest (Women) ~ Wendy Wang (Dome)