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President's Message
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  President's Message

Off To A Great Start In 2015

It is such an honor to be your 2015-16 president.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of this amazing group and to take on my new role. I am excited about the coming year and committed to partnering with the chapter leadership to deliver valuable programs and initiatives.

When I joined CoreNet Northern California in 2007, I made a conscious decision to participate actively so that I would get the most out of the experience. Serving on the Special Events Committee, I got a first-hand experience with the special events team creating the engaging networking opportunities the chapter delivers.  Co-chairing the Communications Committee and then Sponsorship Committee, I was able to connect with members, sponsors and chapter administrators.  Along the way, I worked closely with the incredible volunteers who are the glue that hold our organization together. The hard work and commitment of many people helped us improve the value we deliver to our membership. I am deeply proud of the chapter’s accomplishments and of the fact that last year we were named Chapter of the Year!

Now, as president, I look forward to taking our already strong engagement to the next level.  All of our chapter’s endeavors support CoreNet Global’s value proposition that has been clearly articulated as “Connect, Grow, Learn and Lead.”  This year, you will see the leadership reach out to you, our members, in new ways.  We want to engage you more actively and learn how we can better meet your needs in all of these areas.

Our chapter does the “connect” piece well. In fact, we have grown into a unique and thriving multi-generational community with strong engagement at all levels.  Our most senior executives give generously to our younger professionals by hiring our CoreNet apprentices who are UC Berkeley undergraduates, and by mentoring members of our Young Leaders Committee.  In turn, the young leaders help integrate the students into our community. Each constituency extends itself to help the other, and the results are inspiring.  I believe this is an important area of focus, as it provides value for members at every stage along their career trajectory and continuously provides an environment of growth and development.  I look forward to fostering opportunities to connect through all of our programs during the coming year and to hearing your thoughts on how to deepen connections even further.

With regard to “grow,” my goal is to support our members in becoming optimally effective within their companies given the changing landscape of our business.  The connection to other areas of our enterprises is key to chapter and member development. We, as corporate real estate professionals, have a much broader role than we did in the past in connecting real estate, facilities, human resources, technology and finance. You will see many more of these types of programs in the future as well as general leadership and personal development programs.  Naturally, we want to hear from you on how we can help you achieve your specific growth goals.

Because we are situated in the incredible hub of innovation that is the Bay Area, we have a diverse landscape of companies representing many of the most prominent and well-established firms and startups alike. This provides us a rich basis for the “learn” part of the equation.  I have personally found the chance to share best practices and participate in educational opportunities invaluable. One of our initiatives this year is to assess the technology opportunities that will improve the service and engagement with our membership. We have established a Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) for the purpose of knowledge-sharing on future trends of real estate technology tools.

In terms of “lead,” I am unable to say enough about our dynamic chapter leadership.  They are the most dedicated and supportive team with whom I have had the pleasure of working.  Together, we have created a thriving organization that provides significant value.  However, we want to see it evolve even further so that we remain relevant and sustainable.  So, we are constantly challenging ourselves to grow and are strategically developing the next generation who will take the reigns.

The Northern California chapter is a close-knit and welcoming community. We go the extra mile to support each other. The relationships and connections I have gained as a result of my involvement go way beyond business, and they mean the world to me.  Truly, the best way to get the most out of your membership is to participate.  I would like to personally invite you to become more actively involved by taking advantage of all the ways to connect and engage during this exciting year for CoreNet Northern California!

I hope to see you at an upcoming event.

Best regards,

  Featured Platinum Sponsor

XL Construction builds to improve lives. Knowing that our work directly effects people, we are committed to delivering quality in both the end product and the construction process. As a contractor of choice for leading companies in life sciences, advanced technology, healthcare, and education, our focus on team success has earned us a network of excellent partners and a 90% client referral rate. Whether constructing open office space or a critical facility, we offer a practical approach built on a foundation of technical construction experience and tailored to meet each project’s specific needs.

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June Chapter Meeting in the News

Bay Area – Transportation Infrastructure and The Economy

 Photos courtesy of Tom McCune

Our June chapter meeting, focusing on transportation challenges in the Bay Area was featured in an article in The Registry.  Click here to read it!

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Featuring Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown


The CoreNet Northern California Chapter was honored to have the legendary Willie Brown speak at its April chapter meeting to a crowd of nearly 200. Mayor Brown, who served two terms as San Francisco’s Mayor from 1996 to 2004 and was the longest running Speaker of the California Assembly, is a celebrated and powerful figure in California politics. He now heads the Willie L. Brown Jr. Institute on Politics and Public Service.  Living fully up to his reputation for being irreverent and outspoken, he delivered a lively and informative address.  He spoke briefly about this long tenure in Sacramento and delved into some of his major accomplishments as mayor, complete with a few colorful stories that highlighted his trademark shrewdness and savvy. “I loved the California Legislature and would have loved to have been Speaker forever,” Mayor Brown declared, “However, California voters had a different idea and voted in term limits.”  He went on to say that he thought term limits were crazy, yet he proudly stated, referring to the Republicans in the Assembly: “They couldn’t get the speakership away from me.”  He recounted, “In about 1987 someone asked me who would replace me, and I said, ‘That person is probably being conceived this very evening.’”

Brown shared that as much as he loved being Speaker, he loved being San Francisco’s 41st mayor every bit as much.  He said that while serving as Mayor, he realized only local governments actually deliver services. “Yes we at the State level made fabulous policies, we made great umbrellas and would revise them each year,” he said.  “As mayor, however, the decisions I made became operational.”  

Mayor Brown indicated he had spent the morning of the meeting in Mission Bay at the new UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.  He said, “It is such a world-class facility, the rooms all have plasma screens and feel as luxurious as any hotel room.”  He recounted, “When we envisioned Mission Bay, UCSF was already planning to move to Brisbane.”  He said that he came up with the idea of giving UCSF free land in Mission Bay, which is what ended up enticing them to stay in San Francisco.   “We assembled a group of high-powered business leaders to lead the charge including Bob Burke, co-founder of AMB, Don Fisher, co-founder of The Gap, and renowned real estate developer, Gerson Baker.  All of them were San Francisco lovers with close ties to the board.”

He also highlighted other significant contributions in real estate developments that he paved the way for including the restoration of City Hall with the first-of-its-kind base-isolation system, the new Main Library, the new Giants’ stadium.   Since leaving office, Mayor Brown he has continued to get involved in major deals happening around the City.  He told the story of getting a call from Oliver Gorman, owner of the San Francisco Furniture Mart, when the City was being uncooperative about the redevelopment of the building. “Oliver called me and asked me to help get Twitter to lease the building.  So we went to Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Jane Kim and told them they needed to alter their attitude.”  He added, “Little did they know at the time, but it triggered the City to be more supportive of many other developments to follow.”

Commenting on current politics, Mayor Brown communicated that, in his view, California should remain the powerhouse it has been.  “California has the most experienced guy as governor in Jerry Brown.” He commented that Governor Brown left office the first time before term limits and consequently has served longer than anyone else in history.  He said, “He has had free reign because he is so much more experienced than anyone in the Legislature.”  Mayor Brown said that he feels confident in the younger politicians coming up, especially those whose careers he helped launch, including Kamala Harris, who is running for U.S. Senate, and Gavin Newsome, who he thinks could be the next governor.  “Gavin is the most successful student from the Willie Brown school,” He said, “His boldness on the domestic partnership issue has proved successful.  Now he is going that way on medical marijuana.”   However, Mayor Brown thinks perhaps the biggest impact on California politics might come from the emergence of Latino candidates.  He said, “If the Latinos get their vote going, they could be very influential.  If any of them stepped up, they could give Gavin a run for his money.” By Erin Carew, Instigate
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July Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, July 16
Visa, Foster City

As California grapples with one of its worst droughts in recorded history, many in the Bay Area are wondering what should be done to ensure that we have sufficient water. Laura Tam, the Sustainable Development Policy Director with SPUR, will lead a group of panelists including water suppliers and end users, as they take a closer look at the current water supply and review approaches that reduce demand by fostering water conservation and efficiency.

In a recent report “Future-Proof Water”, SPUR analyzed the current and projected water requirements of the Bay Area and assessed methods of addressing these needs according to sustainability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.  SPUR found that most, but not all of the Bay Area’s urban water agencies, will have sufficient supplies to meet projected region-wide water demand in 2035. But soon after 2035, the region will not have enough water to meet its needs without curbing use or developing new supplies.

Water conservation is the responsibility of everyone. This panel of experts will provide an overview of some of the most effective, innovative and interesting best practices in the Bay Area; and we can advance the discussion about what our region can do to reduce demand during this record drought and well into the future.

Click Here for more details & registration

August Chapter Meeting

360° View: Genentech's Approach to Work Environment
Thursday, August 20
Genentech, South San Francisco

Genentech's newest office building, Building 35, is more than a state-of-the-art facility for its South San Francisco employees. It represents a shift in how Genentech thinks about the work environment. Members of Genentech's Workplace Effectiveness team will share a 360° view of their approach to developing a new work environment - from conception to the move-in experience. This transformative program discussion will highlight topics from social, work practices, customer engagement, clients, to technology! Following the presentation, tours of the building will be available. The tour will include Building 35's innovative workplace set-up and sustainable design.  

To learn more, check out the building health story.


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Get more involved in CoreNet NorCal! One of the best ways to increase your involvement and really get to know other members of CoreNet NorCal is by joining a committee. The CoreNet committees create and organize the events, meetings, programs and publications that you enjoy. Committees you can join are: Young Leaders, Special Events, Programs, Membership, Community Reinvestment, Communications and Technology. All of our committees are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact our Administrative Director, Dick Palomba, at dickpalomba@att.net or (925) 337-1000, and he will connect you with a committee.