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  President's Message

Michael Casolo, JLL

I can hardly believe that we are already reaching the end of the summer. As I am sure that it has been busy for you and your families, it has been a busy summer for the Chapter. It has been exciting for me to see that in the midst of summer vacations and children’s camps (not to mention our day jobs), our membership has maintained its commitment to and participation in the Chapter. Throughout the summer, there have been tangible signs of the priority that our members place on CoreNet, which further engenders the sense of stewardship and responsibility that I and the rest of the Board feel related to Chapter development.

Our Programs Committee launched their first four-part summer series titled “Celebrating the Uniqueness of our Market.” The first two series programs saw record participation, and we look forward to the final two series installments at the August (8/21) and September (9/18) Chapter meetings. I would like to shout out to Steve Hargis, Ernst Calais and the entire Program Committee for their hard work and creativity in pulling this series together.

An annual sign of summer at CoreNet is the announcement of our CRE and Service Provider of the Year Awards. Curt Wilhelm (EA) and Antonia Cardone (DTZ) are two very worthy recipients that stood out among several strong nominations. I hope that you will be able to join us to celebrate their award at our annual dinner at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco this November. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Ross (Adobe) and her Awards Selection Committee for their hard work. The downside of having such a strong Chapter is that we have a tremendous number of professionals worthy of these awards. Chris and her team have a tough job each year, and Chris’ energy and leadership of the awards program is exemplary.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not address the Member Survey. In a word: WOW! When the Board set off on this mission, we were advised that a 20-25% response rate would be great. We set a minimum goal of 33% with a stretch goal of 50% (we were advised that this was not achievable). Again, our membership demonstrated their commitment to the Chapter (and their patience for being contacted by Board members on multiple occasions) by delivering a 51.7% response rate. Unbelievable? Not if you know our membership.

We will be sharing the results shortly, but more importantly, we will be using the data collected to influence future Chapter planning. Types of programs and events, formats, location, etc. are all being reviewed based on the data received. And as a direct result of your taking the time to provide feedback and data, watch for new things in the works in the year to come.

Thank you all for your continued participation and support of the Chapter. I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Chapter event – and also at the Global Summit in Washington DC in October. We are planning some fun NorCal and SoCal events just for our members – so please try to come. If you have not been to a Global Summit before, be sure to put it on your professional “bucket list.”


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Featured Platinum Sponsor - JLL

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Please take a look at JLL’s Office Outlook for Q2 2014

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June Chapter Meeting In The News

Our June chapter meeting was covered by the local business media. Below are links to two articles, in the Registry and the Silicon Valley Business Journal, that discuss the chapter meeting:




July Chapter Meeting Recap


July’s meeting at the City Club in San Francisco focused on the unique CRE challenges created by the evolving enterprise. Moderator Joe Hamilton introduced the topic by identifying the points in the maturity cycle of a company. One example he pointed out was Facebook, which had evolved from incubator to powerhouse in a short time and grew its real estate footprint by an average of 169,000 square feet per year. The panelists discussed their experiences at enterprises at various stages of growth. The panelists were Derek Huffman, director of facilities at Pure Storage; Charlie Barry, director of global real estate at Amgen; Per Johanson, director of global real estate and facilities at Splunk; and Michele Spangler Hodge, senior director of real estate and workplace at Workday.

The panelists shared their stories and philosophies regarding forecasting for and adding workspace for emerging companies and the challenges of meeting the needs of the business units as well as finance departments. They discussed the challenges faced by businesses in deciding where to put CRE professionals in the organizational chart of an emerging company, the panelists having at different times reported to IT, HR, legal, finance, operations, and even engineering. The panelists discussed whether an emerging company should lease or own its real estate and came down on both sides of the issue depending on the stage of evolution and specific needs of the company. Charlie shared that, in his experience, it was easier to get out of owned space than leased space during a down business cycle. The panelists had a wide ranging discussion of culture and the amenities provided by tech companies. According to the panelists, the amenities helped create company culture and were necessary to attract talent. But, one panelist stated that amenities become easy targets when margins narrow, and taking them away has a disproportionate impact on morale.


SC Builders, Inc.
Rudolph and Sletten
Reel Grobman & Associates
Cushman & Wakefield
Skyline Construction
BCCI Construction Company
Turner Construction Company
Mohawk Group
DCI Construction
Alpha Tech
LBA Realty
XL Construction Corporation
Pivot Interiors
Herman Miller
NOVO Construction
Holder Construction Company
Platinum Roofing


Lora Anderson, Anderson AV
Peter Claassen, Hillhouse Construction
Radha Gallup, Holland -Parlette
Lou Galiano, City Builders
Larry Bell, JLL
Fern Grodner, JDSU
Justin Kenyon, JLL
Ed Shea, Currie & Brown
Cara Trani, JLL
Ken Miles, Holland-Parlette


Ed Shea, Currie & Brown
Peter Claassen, Hillhouse Construction
Roxanne Bell, Majestic Floors
Lora Anderson, Anderson AV
Cristina Figone, Hogue
Lunny Lundstrom, Interface Flor
Meredith Wylie, Tekinon
Jamie Moore, DPR
Therese Hazelroth, Form4
Tyler Kellogg, Cresa
Rod Price, One Workplace
Claudia Button, Tandus Centiva
Veronica Vaskinn, Herman Miller
Liz Lighthall, Hogue

  Golf Tournament Recap
By Ed Shea

Photo courtesy Tom McCune, Kraido Associates

The CoreNet NorCal Chapter had its 12th Annual Golf Tournament on June 23 at Sequoyah Country Club in Oakland. There were 36 foursomes that came out to enjoy the beautiful weather and participate in this not-to-be-missed tournament.

The day could not have taken place without our incredible sponsors and volunteers. The sponsors provided a fun (and delicious) atmosphere including margaritas, ice cream, oysters on the half shell, and the now famous “pizza guy” at the turn. A remarkable group of 20-plus volunteers put in an immense effort in the planning and execution of this event. Please take a look at the sidebar to give credit to those who put in an extreme effort to make this great tournament happen.  

A few notables from the day…

• CoreNet NorCal extends its sincere thanks to Vince Howell who has been a part of the golf tournament since inception. Vince can hit the ball longer and more accurately with a putter than most of us mere mortals can with a titanium driver.

• Lunny Lundstrom has been involved in this tournament for 11 years. During that time he has given up his love of pastel pants on the golf course. Must be a sign of maturity….

• Lora Anderson should be given the CoreNet Saint Award for her gallant bravery in the face of incredible odds in tackling the always changing foursomes.

• We are happy to report that nobody was hit with a ball. Calling 911 on a beautiful day is never something we look forward to.

Check our Facebook page to see photos from the tournament:

Here are the tournament winners: 

• 1st Place ~ Mike Valerio, Brian McPherson, Doug Barbero, Sean Hogan (aka ~ the ones with the biggest erasers)
• 2nd Place ~ Neil William, Kelly Smith, Steve Phares, Kevin Casali
• 3rd Place ~ Craig Lynn, Doug Wittenable, Jason Schlutte, Steve Hirai
• Closest to the Pin (CTP #2) ~ John Ellis (36”) Wendy Wang (17’ 1”)
• CTP on #14 ~ Brian Trainor (2’ 9”)
• CTP on #17 ~ Neil William (16”), Fern Grodner (23’)
• Long Drive (Men) ~ Doug Barbero
• Long Drive (Women) ~ Wendy Wang
• Most Accurate Drive (Men) ~ Kevin Antonelli
• Most Accurate Drive (Women) ~ Susan Curran
• Putting Contest (Men) ~ Doug Wittenable
• Putting Contest (Women) ~ Wendy Wang

Request for New CoreNet NorCal Committee Members

Get more involved in CoreNet NorCal! One of the best ways to increase your involvement and really get to know other members of CoreNet NorCal is by joining a committee. The CoreNet committees create and organize the events, meetings, programs and publications that you enjoy. Committees you can join are: Young Leaders, Special Events, Programs, Membership, Community Reinvestment, Communications and Technology. All of our committees are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact our Administrative Director, Dick Palomba, at dickpalomba@att.net or (925) 337-1000, and he will connect you with a committee. 

Upcoming Events

August Chapter Meeting
The New Geography of Jobs -
Demographic Trends Shaping Bay Area Organizations
Featuring Enrico Moretti, Professor, UC Berkeley
Thursday, August 21st, Synopsys, Sunnyvale

September Chapter Meeting
Building Trends In The Tech Sector - Part 2: The City
Thursday, September 18th, SPUR, San Francisco

More Details & Registration

Women of CoreNet Event
Reality Based Rules of the Workplace - Know What Boosts Your Value, Kills Your Chances, & Will Make You Happier
Thursday, September 24th, VMWare, Palo Alto

More Details & Registration


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The Blue Angels Day On The Bay
Friday, October 10, 2014

This event takes place upon the luxurious Hornblower Yacht on the San Francisco Bay. You will enjoy fine dining with your CoreNet friends while viewing the aerial magic of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels. If you've never seen this show from the San Francisco bay you will not want to miss this event!

The Blue Angel's typically practice between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. The Hornblower will depart promptly at 12:30 p.m. and will return to the dock at 4:30 p.m. If the Blue Angels are still flying, we plan to commandeer the vessel until they are done!

Food, drinks and sun block will be provided. There will be plenty of room on the boat inside, but bring a jacket so you can enjoy the outside decks. And don't forget your camera!