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President's Message:

In this, our first newsletter of 2018, I want to take the opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year!  From an operational perspective, the Chapter’s New Year will occur in April.  However, the beginning of each calendar year is a pivotal time for CoreNet NorCal. First, we host our annual economic forecast, which provides members critical data and expert analysis of the trends shaping our industry. Second, we announce our new chapter leaders so we can begin preparing for our leadership transition in April. As many of you know, both of these extremely important events take place at our January Chapter meeting.

This year, that all-important meeting was held on January 18th at Visa’s headquarters in Foster City and drew record attendance. We decided to change things up and view the economic and commercial real estate projections through the data created by consumer behavior. Thanks to CoreNet member Don Davis, senior vice president, Global Corporate Services at Visa we secured Wayne Best, Visa’s Chief Economist as keynote speaker.  In addition to providing an overview of the forces shaping our economy, he presented a fascinating look at how consumers spend, and his data shows how predictable demographic buying patterns can be. We received a great deal of positive feedback from members who indicated they found the information useful and appreciated Best’s refreshing ability to deliver it in plain English and with humor.  I am so proud that our chapter’s Programs Committee consistently distinguishes itself by delivering relevant, thought-provoking programs featuring such high-caliber speakers.

At the January Chapter meeting, it was also my honor to thank and acknowledge our current leadership group and to announce the new slate of executive board members and committee chairs who will begin their service in April.  I especially want to congratulate Robert Teed, executive president, Michelle Lagos, administrative director, Cassidy Zehrer, treasurer and Shannon Knuth, director at large.  I am so excited to see this group of outstanding individuals succeeding within the executive leadership structure of our Chapter; it is a testament to their hard work and dedication to this organization.

Something I also find extremely exciting is CoreNet Global’s FutureForward 2025 initiative, which was announced at the Seattle Summit.  It is a strategic project aimed at predicting and preparing for what this organization needs to be providing to its members as the association model of the future. This forward-looking initiative has the ultimate goal of formulating bold ideas that ensure the CoreNet’s relevance and indispensability for years to come.  I have asked our Chapter’s Advisory Committee to lead the effort within our Chapter on how we can best contribute to this initiative. They will envision what it will mean to belong, learn, convene, and deliver information and content in 2025.  Over the next several months, we will be inviting you to participate in a working sub-group to explore the themes of FutureForward 2025: the Future of Belonging, the Future of Learning, the Future of Convening and the Future of Information & Content.

Finally, I am very pleased to announce that our chapter will launch a new website in April.  Spearheaded by Communications Committee Co-Chair Shannon Knuth and supported by the Chapter staff, the project has been a number of years and a great deal of effort in the making. Kudos to Shannon and her team. I have seen a sneak preview and can attest to the fact that it will be a game-changer for the Chapter! Stay tuned for details on the big reveal coming in April!

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness in 2018!

-Jay Sholl

Featured Platinum Sponsor

sig_XL_Construction.gifXL Construction builds to improve lives. Knowing that our work directly affects people, we are committed to delivering quality in both the end-product and the construction process. As a contractor of choice for leading companies in life sciences, advanced technology, healthcare, and education, our focus on team success has earned us a network of excellent partners and a 90% client referral rate. Whether constructing a core and shell project or a complex tenant improvement, we offer a practical approach built on a foundation of technical construction experience and tailored to meet each project’s unique needs.


XL recently completed the Design Tech High School at Oracle project with DES Architects+Engineers. The two-story, 64,000 s.f. structural steel building rests on a deep foundation system and is cladded with glass and metal panels, aesthetically harmonious with adjacent Oracle buildings. The LEED Gold project also included improvements to the Bay Trail and levee updates.




Featured Platinum Sponsor


Colliers International Group Inc. (NASDAQ and TSX: CIGI) is an industry-leading global real estate services company with 15,000 skilled professionals operating in 68 countries. With an enterprising culture and significant employee ownership, Colliers professionals provide a full range of services to real estate occupiers, owners and investors worldwide. Services include strategic advice and execution for property sales, leasing and finance; global corporate solutions; property, facility and project management; workplace solutions; appraisal, valuation and tax consulting; customized research; and thought leadership consulting. Colliers professionals think differently, share great ideas and offer thoughtful and innovative advice that help clients accelerate their success. Colliers has been ranked among the top 100 global outsourcing firms by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals for 12 consecutive years, more than any other real estate services firm.

Colliers Occupier Services Bay Area is comprised of top-tier tenant/occupier broker-specialists working as one collaborative, accountable team to address your real estate issues.  The group operates at strategic and tactical levels with your company’s leadership to enable well-informed, profit-driven real estate decisions.  The team offers a comprehensive strategic platform of integrated services across global regions, and delivers optimal results through a multi-disciplined team approach utilizing best-in-class practices within the industry and within the Company.  Since 2015, Colliers Occupier Services Bay Area has completed over 700 transactions totaling nearly 15 million square feet.  The team was awarded Deal of the Year by the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2017 for representing LinkedIn in their unique and innovative land and building swap with Google in Mountain View.  The group was also featured in the San Francisco Business Times’ Real Estate Deals of the Year in 2016 and 2017 for representing Adobe at 100 Hooper Street, Slack at 500 Howard Street and LinkedIn at 222 Second Street.

CoreNet NorCal Podcasts

The CoreNet Northern California Chapter is pleased to bring you the latest in our series of podcasts: CoreNet Northern California Young Leaders Event: Wellness in the Workplace. 
This podcast was recorded at the CoreNet Northern California Chapter Young Leaders Event on September 14, 2017 at Whil in San Francisco. The event featured a panel discussion on wellness initiatives and their impact on corporate culture and the workplace.
Program Moderator:
* Shaun Lee - Senior Project Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

Program Panelists:
* Megan White - Sr. Sustainability Consultant, Integral Group 
* Aliza Szolnok - VP, Director of SF Office, ESD Global
* Priya Premchandran - [e] Team Design & Construction Lead, Google
* Jun Yoshida - Sr. Regional Wellness Specialist, LinkedIn



Chapter Meeting Recaps

November Chapter Meeting Recap

The Programs Committee delivered more high quality educational benefit to members and guests on November 16th, this time with content fresh from the Global Summit in Seattle and a tour of the highly anticipated new WeWork flagship at Two Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. The program was entitled Real Estate On Demand: The emergence of co-working ‘fourth places’ and ‘office market networks’; are they making the CRE industry more efficient? Featured speaker Kay Sargent, senior principal at HOK and renowned workplace thought leader gave a thought-provoking talk based on her recent Summit program. Upon completion of her remarks, Sargent moderated a panel of experts including:

  •         Dan Harvey, vice chairman, CBRE
  •         Elton Kwok, GM, WeWork
  •         Eric Zellhart, senior product manager, LiquidSpace

Click here for a Registry article about Sargent’s Global Summit session: http://news.theregistrysf.com/can-cowork-coworking-continues-drive-workplace-design-corporate-real-estate/

24012758527_0025ff1028_z.jpg 37991083455_46fb2b899b_z.jpg 24012756937_d90356bac7_z.jpg

September Chapter Meeting

The Chapter continued on with its examination of the current state of the corporate campus with the September Chapter Meeting entitled Bold Environment. Empowering Culture: Transforming Intuit’s Mountain View Headquarters.  Attendees were given a behind-the-scenes look at the impressive headquarters reinvention which turned a fairly standard suburban campus into a highly sustainable architectural gem imbued with Intuit’s values, aligned with the needs of its workforce.  The headquarters position the company well for long term growth in the hyper-competitive talent landscape of Silicon Valley.

Moderated by Janet Merriman, associate principal at AP+I Design, CoreNet Norcal board member and Programs Committee member, the session consisted of a presentation by the leaders of the project team including Jerry Barclay, leader for development and construction management at Intuit, Bob McIntire, founder and president of Nova Partners, Inc. and Sam Nunes, Founding Partner, WRNS Studio.

Barclay provided background about the company, an overview of the project and insight into the real estate strategy behind it.  Then the group gave an in-depth presentation which delved into how they gained understanding of the Intuit workforce and designed the campus to meet their needs, how they overcame the challenges of developing in the North Bayshore and how they exceeded LEED Platinum certification.


Intuit’s mission: Empowering prosperity around the world

Company key values: Integrity without compromise, we care and give back

Priorities: Employees, customers, partners, shareholders (in that order)

Project Overview

The campus sets a new standard for Intuit Workplace and consists of:

  •         4 levels of post-tensioned structure
  •         4.3 acres
  •         185,000 sf buildable gross
  •         74,186 sf Landscape Area
  •         20,686 sf Green Roof Area
  •         46% Building Coverage of Site
  •         54% Open Area
  •         4 floors (17,000 to 59,000 sf per floor)
  •         1 level of parking below building (163 spaces)
  •         5 levels of structured parking (403 spaces)

Real Estate Strategy

In 2010, after a few years of considering alternatives, Intuit decided to remain at its existing campus.  That year, they completed a rather complicated project to assemble the land.  In 2011 they launched a master planning effort which resulted in a concept for a massive makeover of the existing headquarters including a new central campus center and the Marine Way building.   In 2011, the board of directors approved $75 million for campus-wide improvements and completed the “Bill Campbell Way” makeover in 2013.  Still faced with the long-term challenge of satisfying growth at Mountain View campus, Intuit leadership conceived of the project and began to move forward with these goals:

  •         Create a workplace to attract and retain top talent
  •         Meet City of Mountain View incentive for maximum allowable building size per new 2030 General Plan (F.A.R. = 1 to 1)
  •         Demolish 3 buildings and redevelop 4.3 acres
  •         185,000 square-foot office building (F.A.R = 1 to 1)

Workplace Strategy

The team completed a 250-page owner program requirement document. Key elements included:

  •         Dynamic, flexible and functional workplace that responds to the growing needs and demands of future Intuit generations
  •         Amenities: café, conference center, all hands space, IT help desk, design studio
  •         Headcount: Seating criteria for 900 (increased during construction to 1,080)
  •         High level of sustainability – LEED Platinum

Understanding Intuit Workforce

Goals and guiding principles

  •         Be the place of choice to work for top talent with choice
  •         Bring people together
  •         Support collaboration, concentration, socializing and reflection
  •         Enable choice
  •         Be a place for the entire campus, not just for people with desks there
  •         Flexible, function and efficient
  •         Express their values, celebrate the customer, be like them
  •         Sustainable

Key design elements:

  •         Enhance horizontal connectivity – eccentric cores create unity, adaptable infrastructure and facilities change.
  •         Enhance vertical connectivity – an active atrium connects and provides choice
  •         Program – entire building
  •         1080 seats, benching (in-line desking with sit, stand desks)
  •         77 team rooms (all with VC) 65 focus work rooms
  •         Open collaboration spaces 1 per 20 seats
  •         9 conference rooms plus conference center and atrium
  •         Small scaled neighborhoods with seats, team spaces and focus work rooms
  •         Shared spaces – café, IT help desk, conference center and rooms, Intuit Studio, all hands

Developing in the North Bayshore

The team provided a detailed account of the journey they underwent with the City of Mountain View which included:

  •         2030 General Plan
  •         Emerging North Bayshore Precise Plan
  •         Focus on “middle landscape” (relationship between public/private realms and between the built environment /natural environment)
  •         Development application including their demo plan, zoning calculation, illustrative landscape plan for the rooftop and the Marine Way building plans

Exceeding LEED Platinum with Deep Sustainable Thinking – Conservation & Wellbeing

Energy Conservation

  •         EUI 41, 50.4% less than calculated baseline
  •         High efficiency HVAC system
  •         Under floor air distribution
  •         Perimeter radiant panels
  •         High efficiency glazing
  •         LED lighting / daylight harvesting
  •         Photovoltaic array generates 20% of the building’s energy demand by cost

Water Conservation

  •         Indoor water use – 44% less potable water used relative to calculated baseline
  •         100% reclaimed water for toilets
  •         Low flow fixtures
  •         Outdoor water use 0 100% non-potable water for irrigation
  •         High efficiency irrigation system, 56% less irrigation water required
  •         Drought tolerant native landscaping


  •         14,000 sf of onsite area providing ecological benefits
  •         Native plantings in support of North Bayshore ecosystem
  •         Bird-safe glazing
  •         Biofiltration – simulates ephemeral wetland habitat
  •         Ground plane – grassland / chaparral
  •         Living roof
  •         Tree canopy
37292357226_83c16cc8be_z.jpg 36670036753_fbd2d4bf0e_z.jpg 37309780862_72d1c00053_z.jpg

Women of CoreNet Update

Identity, Diversity and Inclusion: Now More Than Ever. . .
A Conversation About Progress, Practice, Culture and Community

Wednesday, February 28th

Palo Alto Networks - 3000 Tannery Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054

3:30 Registration

4:00 Program start

5:30 Networking, Food and Drinks

7:00 Close


D I V E R S I T Y.  It can be a subject of controversy or one some to choose to avoid.  Some consider it a trend or a word that has been overplayed, but it is way more than asking someone “What is your pronoun?”.  It is about organizations and careers and professions and people that acknowledge (and celebrate) “all” not just categories, hyphenates, subsets, races, genders, and religions of some.  Diversity is about “all.” The Women of CoreNet Committee has invited Cheryl Durst, executive vice president and chief executive officer of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), and Bärí Williams, head of business operations management, North America at StubHub to discuss diversity and inclusion.  In this conversational setting we will explore how both diversity and inclusion can be about “alignment”, allies, and champions and overwhelmingly about identity. Our speakers will share their perspectives and professional responsibilities as it relates to today’s tech corporations and architecture and design professions managing and creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Click Here to register and for more information.


Request for CoreNet NorCal Committee Members

Get more involved in CoreNet NorCal! One of the best ways to increase your involvement and really get to know other members of CoreNet NorCal is by joining a committee. The CoreNet committees create and organize the events, meetings, programs and publications that you enjoy. Committees you can join are: Young Leaders, Special Events, Programs, Membership, Community Reinvestment, Communications, and Technology. All of our committees are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact our Administrative Director, Michelle Lagos, at michelle.lagos@cbre.com or (415) 720-0366, and she will connect you with a committee.


Renew your CoreNet Global Membership
If you haven’t already, it’s time to renew your 2018 CoreNet Global membership. Once you renew with Global, you can designate the Northern California Chapter as your primary chapter. We then receive a small portion of each renewal received by March 31, to help fund our local Chapter activities. Both Global and our Chapter have an exciting year planned ahead and hope you continue to stay involved! You can renew online at www.corenetglobal.org

Increase your Company’s Visibility at Become a Chapter Sponsor
One of the best ways to gain visibility among some of the highest-level corporate real estate executives in the country is with an annual sponsorship commitment to the CoreNet Northern California Chapter. It also helps shape the future of our Chapter. The Chapter is excited for the year ahead, largely because of the commitment from our members and valued partners. It's now time to kick-off the 2018-19 Northern California Chapter sponsorship campaign. We encourage you to review the 2018-19 Sponsorship Prospectus to view the various sponsorship levels and available opportunities to see if your company is interested. Please contact the Chapter office at nocalchapter@corenetglobal.org if you have any questions.

Upcoming Chapter Events

February Chapter Meeting: Walk, Run, or Sprint: Get the Heart Rate Up on Your Employee Wellness Program

Thursday, February 15 | 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Adobe: 345 Park Ave, San Jose, CA 941105

We live in a fast-paced, hyper-connected world in which people too often associate their jobs with stress and discomfort. Given that the line between our personal life and our work life is ever more blurred, a job should be a place that promotes the health and wellbeing of all employees, both mentally and physically. Over the past several years, the interest in workplace wellness has risen significantly, with companies of all shapes, sizes and locations aiming to create formal wellness programs to meet their specific needs. Join this engaging, interactive discussion centered around developing corporate wellness programs, with a focus on the role of commercial real estate. Firms that are leading the wellness movement will guide the audience through an interactive exercise in which you will work together to develop or refine your own corporate wellness programs.

Register Today!

MCR Classes are Coming to the Bay Area this May!

The Northern California Chapter has partnered with CoreNet Global to offer MCR classes in San Jose, May 21-25, hosted by ServiceNow. Learn more about the following offerings on the CoreNet Global website: