About the Northern California Chapter

Please accept this invitation to get involved with CoreNet Global, the premier association for corporate real estate, through the Northern California Chapter.  Our group is focused on advancing real estate knowledge, connecting people, and promoting personal excellence through programs focused on the needs of our over 700 local members. 

Committees and Volunteer Opportunities 

We have many opportunities for your immediate involvement, including participation in one of our six committees. From our monthly educational events to our fundraising efforts, we serve as the organization where you can improve yourself and make a difference in your community.

Chapter Information

Electronic Communication from the Chapter

We rely more and more on electronic communication tools to keep our members informed of news and events. We regularly update the website, http://nocal.corenetglobal.org  and send email to our members on the second and fourth Thursday of every month with information about upcoming events and noteworthy news.

These communication tools are critical to keeping members informed, but, it is a constant challenge to reach all members.  As spam filters and other security measures have become commonplace, we have learned that more and more of our chapter emails are not reaching all of our members.  The purpose of this communication is to assure that you are receiving our Chapter emails and, if not, provide support in correcting the problem.

If you are currently receiving regular updates from the Chapter and have bookmarked the Chapter website address above for continued up-to-date information, read no further.  For those members unsure if you are receiving correspondence, we ask you to take the following steps:

1. Determine if you have consistently been receiving Chapter correspondence via email.  Check your in-box for recent emails on the second or fourth Thursday of every month.

2. If you have recently changed your email address, be sure you have notified CoreNet Global. You can update your account settings and profile at www.corenetglobal.org. If this is not done, your emails from our chapter will continue to be sent to the old email address.

3. If you have not changed your email, check your spam filter and junk email folder.  Make sure that the following domain is entered either in your address book or included on a “safe domain” list:


4. If you are still not receiving email from CoreNet Northern California, the next step is to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that all IP addresses are white listed.
You may send the letter linked below to your ISP

5. After completing Step 4, contact the Northern California Chapter office (details below) and we will request that Constant Contact (CoreNet Global’s bulk email vendor) 'unbounce' the blocked email address.

We greatly appreciate your help in ensuring that Chapter correspondence is received by all members and hope we can assure you get the most out of your membership through uninterrupted communication.

Letter to send to your ISP.

CoreNet Global Northern CA Chapter
575 Market St Suite 2125
San Francisco, CA 94109

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